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Celebration Sour Mash 2013

56.2% ALC./VOL

Released in December 2013, Michter’s Celebration Sour Mash marked a category-defining moment for ultra-premium American whiskey. The extraordinary Michter’s Celebration Sour Mash blend consists of Kentucky Straight Bourbon and Kentucky Straight Rye taken from Michter’s best barrels: some aged over 30 years, some aged over 20 years, and some other truly exceptional barrels – all hand-selected by then Master Distiller Willie Pratt.

  • 2013 release: 273 bottles
  • Kentucky
  • 112.3 proof (56.15% Alcohol by Volume)
  • Fire-charred, new American white oak barrels
  • Warm toasted burnt sugar notes with spice, sweet, smoky fruit, candied cherries, and honeyed vanilla, remarkably elegant.

Michter's Celebration Sour Mash

When Michter’s Celebration Sour Mash Whiskey was released in 2013, it marked a significant moment in United States whiskey history. For the first time, an American whiskey company was offering a rare blend in an attempt to rival other great spirits from around the world.

Michter's Distillery
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