A comparison of two different barrels – an elegant brute vs. feisty brute

If you’ve had any of Michter’s standard offerings, you know how well crafted their lineup is. Michter’s 10 Year Old bourbon enters into the luxury market for most bourbon connoisseurs with an MSRP of $120. However, due to its limited release and regional scarcity, don’t be surprised to see pricing at upwards of $300 a bottle.

We recently had the opportunity to sample two different bottles of Michter’s 10 Year Single Barrel bourbon side by side – each bottle from a different barreling. If you have ever wondered how different two single barrel bourbons can be one barrel to the next, here are some answers.

Michter’s 10 Year Old Bourbon, Lot 16B223

One of the early releases, this barrel is medium to full body. Candied orange on the nose and leaning towards a full bodied and more oily mouthfeel. On the palate there is graham and malt with subtle earthy and tobacco notes. The finish comes through with maraschino and black pepper. Overall, for a 94-proof bourbon, there’s a decent heat that balances nicely with its thicker body. I’d call this one, “an elegant brute”.

Michter’s 10 Year Old Bourbon, Lot 16G917

With a deceivingly more subtle and musty nose than Lot 16B223, this barrel is dry and feisty. Lacking the sweetness of the previous barrel, smoke and oak persist with crisp apple top note. A long tingly finish concludes with white pepper dancing on the tongue through its lengthy completion. This one is, “a feisty brute”.


Overall, both Lot 16B223 and Lot 16G917 are well crafted, each offering unique and differing flavors. Neither bottle disappointed, however for me, the first bottle was the clear winner. That being said, both of these barrelings were a treat and represented the best that top shelf bourbon has to offer.LOOKING FOR A STEAL? Our Top 5 favorite bourbons under $20.

If you decide to invest in a bottle of Michter’s 10 Year, be sure to save it for special occasions and pair with and equally special cigar. My recommendation would be something like a Padrón 1926 80 Year Anniversary. Carefully aged bourbons paired with equally aged tobaccos will deliver complexities of flavor that will make any moment memorable.

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