Soon: Michter’s 10-Year Bourbon

It took two whiskey geniuses to deliver this year’s 10-year bourbon release. Master Distiller Pamela Heilmann and Master of Maturation Andrea Wilson have put out a sizzle reel for 2018 releases with this bottle. Michter’s 10 has that same perfect balance of earthy, flavorful rye with that lovely burnt sugar sweetness we’ve come to expect from all of the limited releases. When it hits shelves over the next couple weeks, it’s going to go fast: All of the Michter’s releases (like last year’s 10-Year Rye) tend to get snatched up quickly, partly because of the small volumes and partly because the distillery doesn’t release them every year. Those two variables create a particular supply and demand concern even among the most aggressive bourbon collectors. [$120;]

Later: Maker’s Mark Seared BU 1-3

Gotta love those bottle names that sound like test tubes. In fact, this rare limited release of Maker’s Mark was a lab experiment—one apparently gone wrong. Maker’s was trying to add a new flavoring stave to its Private Select program—one that used seared and sous-vide French oak staves to add a new depth of flavor. The brand said that, while it yielded delicious whiskey, it didn’t play well with the other staves in the flavoring program. Its “failure” is our bounty. It took what it made for the experiment, put it into 1,400 bottles, and will sell it exclusively in Kentucky (and at the distillery) in May. This is worth the trip—it’s a heady, rich, and silky bourbon with a lot of layers of sweetness. Plus if it sells out quickly, it might be talked into making more. Just remember: You can take up to 5 liters in your checked baggage. [$40 for a 375ml bottle;]